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Cliff Year

(A gap year for 18-25 year olds)

The Cliff Year is an ideal time to invest in yourself and your own faith. During the 11 months we will give time for your faith to grow, equip you to share your faith, and training and experience to positively impact the world.

The Cliff year will run from mid-September 2020 to July 2021.

The Cliff Year has received generous funding so we’re able to subsidise the cost of the year for you so that it only costs £995. We can also help you with some fundraising ideas and also have some contacts for individual bursaries. We encourage you to tell your church about your plans to do the Cliff Year as they may want to contribute towards the cost.

During the year we will provide you with accommodation at Cliff College which you will get to make your home for the year. You will be living in a place that is surrounded by the stunning views of the Peak District. All of your meals will be provided meaning you will only need to raise a separate smaller amount of funds for your treats, socialising and personal shopping.

The year will include trips overseas to learn about other cultures and also an opportunity for you to share and impact the world so you will need a valid passport and also travel insurance.


To find out more about the Cliff Year, please email Tom on or call him on 01246 584200


Time for your faith to grow


Cliff College is a community of people who come together each morning to pray with one another before they begin their day of studies or work.

There will be time arranged to study the Bible together as a group to enable us to get to know two of the gospels well, as well as joining in with some of the wider discipleship that the college currently does.

The college community also come together on a Tuesday evening for dinner and Celebration to worship together.

As a group we will go away together at the beginning and middle of the year to spend some time getting to know ourselves and God better.

Everybody on the Cliff Year will have a mentor who will be able to provide guidance and support during the year.

Be equipped to share your faith


There will be opportunities to learn from other cultures around the world which means we will be going overseas. 

As part of the Cliff College community life you will have the chance to lead prayers, devotions and take part in Celebration. This will be with our support and training. During the year we will provide faith development and training which, if you choose, would prepare you to submit Portfolio A of the Methodist Worship: Leading and Preaching Course.

There will be time for you to spend with God and others to discern your calling and vocation, and to reflect on how God is using you through the experience and beyond.

Through local placements you will be able to experience a variety of ministries that allow you to explore sharing your faith and serving in a variety of ways and provide an opportunity for you to use, develop and discover your gifts and talents.

Learning to positively impact the world


During the year’s equipping and learning there will be opportunities to complete key programmes including a Cliff College Diploma in Mission and Evangelism, and the Methodist Church’s Leadership Year. 

We will also partner with other organisations during the year including the History Makers Course, whose mission is to train and mobilise leaders to reach their nations with the gospel, and the organisation JPIT (Joint Public Issues Team) which is about churches working for peace and justice.

Throughout the year we will be partnering many other churches and charities as we support them with mission and events. This will serve as practical experience which allows you to test your own personal calling and vocation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a new course?

We ran the Cliff Year for the first time in 2019-2020. September 2020 will be our second cohort.

What sort of numbers are you expecting for the gap year? Is it a large or small group?

We are expecting it to be a small group this year of up to 6 people. You will also be a part of the wider college community and will be able to socialise and make friends with students on the full-time residential programmes and with other members of the Cliff Community who are residential.

What certificates/ qualifications would you get during the year?


  • Diploma in Mission and Evangelism.
  • The Leadership Year (The Methodist Church)
  • Opportunities to prepare you for the Worship: Leading & Preaching course, meaning if a participant is ready and willing, they could submit Portfolio A of this course the following September.

Part of the Diploma includes completing 2 compulsory short courses and 1 optional short course.

There is the possibility of completing an additional short course (at an additional charge).

Is it based entirely at Cliff or will I be involved in ministry in different areas or churches too? Is there any travelling involved?

Your home for the year will be at Cliff. This will be where we do the bulk of the training and equipping and some local placements to help you explore your vocation and calling.

We will also do some events around the wider church – supporting Cliff/Regional events as well as local church events and some conferences.

There will also be the opportunity to go overseas.

What are the term/holiday times during the year and how is the year structured?

The year will start in mid-September with an induction and time to get to know the group.

There will be a Christmas Break from Mid-December until early January.

We will also have a short break in the spring time. This will be organised around conferences the group are a part of in the Easter period.

The year will end at the end of July.

There will be an opportunity to go home for some of the weekends and for special family events etc.

The college’s graduation, where participants will receive their Diploma, will take place in November 2021.

Are there any additional costs?

  • Travel Insurance. You will need to purchase your own travel insurance. Check with us before you buy.
  • Passport is needed for trips overseas.
  • You need to bring your own personal allowance for treats, shopping, spare time hobbies, personal travel, social activities and souvenirs.
  • Travel to and from Cliff College and home.  

What is included in the fee on the flyer?

  • All of your main meals.
  • Your accommodation.
  • Travel to mission events.
  • Training.

Do you have ideas to help me raise the funds of the £995 cost?

Yes we do. Please get in touch for ideas. We think it is good if you spend some time fundraising towards the cost of the year to help make others aware of what you are doing.

We would also encourage you to tell your church and/or circuit that this is something you would like to be a part of as they may be able to support you financially as well as prayerfully.

We are aware of some grants you may be able to apply for also, including from Methodist Women in Britain.












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