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Global Partnerships

Building links with the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe

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In-country training

Cliff College engages in a range of in-country training activities across the globe. For example, Cliff is in partnership with Wesley University, Ondo to facilitate a Doctor of Ministry programme in the first Department of Theology in Nigeria. In March 2019, the Cliff faculty fostered healthy debate around topics such as worship and liturgy, global justice, the theology of preaching and theological reflection. The teaching weeks in Nigeria continue with a waiting list for pastors, bishops and archbishops who will begin the next cohort in March 2020. Like all our teaching activities, faculty are brought in from other theological schools in Africa; promoting an anticolonial approach to theological learning. Cliff College also shares regular teaching with the Methodist Churches in Sierra Leone, Uganda and Zimbabwe. For example, in Uganda, Cliff is working alongside the Methodist Church Uganda to provide foundation training for pastors and lay leaders. Cliff College, through its partnerships, offers a diverse range of teaching topics and methods to meet the ever-changing need of the global church.


Justin Thacker and Andrew Harper on a partnership visit to the Methodist Church Uganda


Cliff College meeting with delegates from Korean Methodist University and the Korean Methodist General Board of Education












Immersion Trips

Throughout the year, Global Partnerships works alongside other teams in the college and the wider Methodist Church to provide immersive experiences into other cultures. Some of these have included the Cliff Year’s trip to Uganda, the One Programme’s immersion to the Karimnagar Diocese of the Church of South India, student engagement with the MTSE conference in Estonia on church planting and the College’s visit to Zimbabwe. Our immersive experiences allow participants to learn about life for our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world, and enhance learning for ministry in the UK.


TheologyX is a project of Cliff College and the Methodist Church in Britain to create an online learning platform specifically for theological education. The learning platform provides a central point for online theological learning and helps overcome the geographical, financial, and social barriers to learning. TheologyX also enables partner organisations and institutions to create their own interactive content and enables others to enrol in courses created by partners. TheologyX is a growing learning platform and welcomes partners to get in touch and learn of its potential for their students and participants.

Global Partnerships also facilitates ‘resource creation seminars’ around the globe. At these seminars, global partners gather to learn effective pedagogy for online learning and practical skills for creating and administering online courses. In November 2019, partners from the Methodist Church Uganda gathered with ecumenical friends in Nairobi to engage in resource creation. An ecumenical network of sharing for learning was created to support online education in the region.

Partnered with our Theo device, one can reach remote areas of the world, providing access to education while offline through locally stored materials. The expertise available through Theo adds to the quality material already available through partner institutions.


Andrew Harper (c), Bishop Streiff (r) and David Field (l) discussing the Methodist E-Academy in Zurich

This timeline will give you a taste of the activities of the Global Partnerships Office over the past two years. For more information on any of these trips or partnerships, please contact



Through the Global Partnerships Office, Cliff College has been able to partner with churches, organisations and theological institutions seeking to find shared outcomes that improve the Church’s ministry around the world. For example, in partnering with Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University in Texas we have been able to develop online learning materials and courses, offer internship opportunities and host ecumenical conferences.

Our partnership with the Methodist Church in Uganda gave our 2019/20 Cliff Year students the opportunity to learn stories of the Ugandan Methodist people, see the great work happening in projects enabled by All We Can and visit a children’s centre which provides educational and practical support for families. Our team also have the privileged to teach and train ministers and pastors in leadership and evangelism.

Our partnerships also enable us to support the work of churches and the theological colleges across the Global South. This has so far included, but not limited to, providing hardware, improving teaching facilities and sustainability, building capacity and improving library resources.

Our partnerships a more than just a name on a list and each have a story to share. Get in touch to learn more.


Wesley University, Ondo, Nigeria

United Theological College, Harare, Zimbabwe

John Wesley Seminary, Mexico

Methodist International Centre, Hong Kong

EMKTS (Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary), Estonia

Perkins School of Theology, SMU, Texas 

Methodist E-Academy, Europe 

Seth Mokitimi, South Africa

Methodist Theological Schools in Europe (MTSE)

Global Churches

Methodist Church Zimbabwe

Methodist Church Nigeria

Methodist Church Uganda

Methodist Church Sierra Leone

Methodist Church Portugal

Church of South India

Fiji Methodist Church

United Methodist Church 


Into the future

The GP office will continue to support our partners, wherever possible. We are looking forward to supporting the Methodist Church in Sierra Leone with leadership and IT skills and continuing to teach alongside the Methodist Church Uganda and Nigeria. We are developing partnerships and through TheologyX seek to provide the highest quality interactive e-learning theological courses in the UK and across the world.

We are thrilled to be welcoming partners from around the world to join us at Cliff Festival 2020 and share in seminars as we explore the theme of ‘Global Vision’. The Partners’ Conference preceding Festival will be a fantastic opportunity for leadership to share knowledge and interact with each other in many cases, for the first time. Please continue to pray for the Methodist Churches around the world, in their ministries and the work of the GP office.

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